Montgomery Machine has a highly experienced team of dedicated professionals who handle the day to day machining tasks using our comprehensive range of CNC equipment with ease.

Our Facility has some of the best CNC equipment available to produce today’s complex manufacturing geometries, and our continual investment will keep us at the cutting edge and ready for tomorrows challenges. Each piece of our equipment is PC based and programs are generated by our experienced programming department using our Gibbs CAD/CAM system.

We are a medium to heavy machine shop and our extensive range of equipment is geared to handle individual or multiple components in this size range. All of our equipment is maintained meticulously to achieve maximum performance and quality at all times, and our boring mill machines have their own I.T.S. contouring heads with a full range of seat pocket and internal contouring bars for internal deep bore profiling.

Montgomery has a excellent reputation within the manufacturing community and is a very dedicated supplier of manifold and tree components to the oil & gas industry. Our dedication to customer quality and service is second to none.

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