Montgomery Machines weld overlay process provides an efficient and cost effective solution for cladding components used in highly corrosive metal loss environments. The techniques used to apply corrosion resistant materials to a variety of substrates, including carbon manganese, low alloy and ferric stainless steels, using Arc 5 automated weld overlay technology.

This innovative process has proved so successful that it has found a wide variety of applications in such exacting fields as marine engineering, oil & gas, petrochemical and energy production in many of the world’s most demanding working environments. Weld overlay can significantly enhance the service life of new components and can also be used to refurbish and upgrade components that have been in service.

Montgomery’s advanced weld overlay system operates under procedures devised to meet today’s optimum quality and metallurgical standards. These procedures are backed by exhaustive destructive and performance testing to comply with industry standards. Weld overlay materials include 300, 400 and Duplex Stainless Steels, High Nickel Alloys such as 625, 725, 825, Hastalloy and some cobalt based materials.

Our commitment to continual improvement and development has enabled us to enhance our processes and services that keep us at the forefront in today’s weld overlay marketplace.

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